The Tapestry Embroidery

Work in Progress

With these images I record the development of the Tapestry Embroidery, how it changes with its progress. there has been a fair amount of unpicking and stitching over going on, which is now invisible. as it would in a painting, if a painter would choose to keep her work and development more of a private journey. my images have always been a journey into my inner world , to unearth notions about where I am in my life. often I found that only in retrospect the images revile their message to me. my intent is more to chart my inner territories and take those how are willing with me on the journey. but as two people will tell a different story from the same event, because we do remember differently because we receive differently, I have no wish as to “prescribe” a meaning. if a dialogue occurs between the viewer and the images, if the image tells its story and the viewer is prepared to listen, then I communicate with my work and telling a little story is all I am looking for.

work in progress
nearly finished
work in progress 1
the beginning
'woman and bird', Taperty embroidery, wool, silk, hemp on canvas
almost finished

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