One  Stitch at a Time

Stitches are the steps of a journey, they are a beginning into the unknown.

A work in progress becomes a companion as it travels with me through my life, it presences triggers conversations, which wouldn’t have happened if had I been in the same place empty handed.

Wool is my choosen medium in my practice, it links to the history and presence in cultures all over the world , it speaks of warmth and comfort.

The feel, the touch and the smell of wool are an intrinsic element in the work I create.

Hand Spinning
Hand Spinning

Natural wool, if sheep are kept in good husbandry, with respect to the animals and the land is a sustainable and renewable material.

Living in the UK, I use British Wool as a local and sustainable material.

I am exploring this material as the basis of my practice, employing processes which connect my practice to the cultural history of humankind.

Hand making is an integral part of being human, finding contentment in slow processes which are an antidote to the fast paced life of modern 21the century world.

Wellbeing is at the core of my practice, the intent behind Slow Textiles processes, which I choose according to the current project.

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