The Small Yellow Shawl

I went through a whole range of ideas about the shape of the final piece, which would be the document of all the fibre process and the time spend since Summer 2014.

initially i thought about a round shape in crochet or nalebinding: realising that the constant counting would stand in the way of a relaxed making experience, i decided the make a trial piece in a triangular shape.\

Knitting triangular and very simple shawls has been in recent years my meditative default habit. These shawls are wonderful travel companions, on circular needles they are easy to carry around, they don’t take up much space or weight and it is a very relaxed knitting experience.

From my experiences with natural dying i had some small amounts of wool dyed with onion skins and weld, both rather mellow yellow tones, which somehow did fit into the colour scheme of the larger piece as it became clear to me.

it was very exiting for the first time ver to knit with my own hand spun yarn: the yarn was still in singles (one spun thread, not plied), very soft and yes fluffy! I had to realise that with singles one cannot knit straight, as the yarn has still a very alive twist in it. A bit of experimenting showed that very simple pattern, like a small basket weave, moss stitch or double moss stitch, worked fine.

Currently The Small Yellow Shawl is part of a small show at Archie Browns Truro, Cornwall, UK.


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