work inprogress
Tapestry, wool on canvas

Stitch / Embroidery is slow. One Stitch at a time; it can’t be rushed. An activity, which for me, is the perfect antidote to a fast paced time, where almost everything is instant. It is the intrinsic nature of a slow manual craft, which demands from its practitioner, patience, endurance and perseverance.

Engaged in Stitch, I give myself permission to pause, to sit still, to feel the moment, the needle in my hand the feel of the linen and a repetitive movement. And time slows down, almost magically, more the time in this particular moment, allowing myself to get lost and forgetting about time. Sometimes I feel I can recapture the feeling of long Sunday afternoons, the endless hours stretching ahead.

I am a nomad inside. On the outside it feels I am quite settled. I love being somewhere else. In a café, traveling on a train, the longer the better. And my small piece of linen, some yarn and the needles, scissors and I am ready at any time, to be in a different place and stitch my time, my thoughts.

Stitch is companionable, alone by myself or in company, it allows my for little moment to retreat into myself, check in, listen.

Woman and bird, tapestry embroidery, wool on canvas

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