Embroidery as a Choice

Stitch or embroidery is the chosen medium in some of my engagement with slow techniques and processes.
A way of exploring to work with a medium that allows me the freedom of the place. The work happens where ever I am. I am not bound to a studio or any specific place. To work small scale is a consideration and a conscious choice. The slow technique and small scale accommodate my nomadic working style, it allows me to work in public and invite comments and conversation. 
Nicci Wannacott, an artist and educator, explains her choice of  working small (painting in small canvas) as an ecological consideration. (Using less resources).
tapestry embroidery
 Woman and Bird, Tapestry, Embroidery, work in progress, May 2012
The above embroidery was the first exploration in using slow stitch techniques during my 4th year of my BA Fine Art in May 2012. 
It led me to the project  ‘Time and Stitch’ Project, which evolved in three parts:
“Stitch as Meditation”
A year long engagement with simple cross stitch in a log cabin pattern of three pieces of hemp, linen, which accompanied me through my live during 2012/2013.
“Stitch and Time”
A participatory project, started with an invitation through social media and a wide range of contacts to people to embroider for me. About 80 people took part and embroidered on a postcard size piece of linen; the brief was to feel free about the image and the amount of embroidery, and a kind request to write about the experience and the time it took. Around 55 stitch samplers were returned to me.
“Coffee, Cake and Stitch”
A participatory event, an invitation to experiencing stitch on one piece of cloth, or rather 15 people worked over 3 pieces of cloth, enjoying conversations, reminiscing, support each other, sharing memories, exploring a new activity.





3 thoughts on “Embroidery as a Choice”

    1. Somewhere on my blog is a interview with Sue Dove! What a coincident! Sue is the uncrowned Queen of Textile in my Cornish World! Do you know her book Painting in Stitches?.. Your blog bursts of colour!,,,,,ch x


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