The MA Show 2015 at Falmouth University

and then finally the show was up!

The Blanket was suspended from the ceiling, I still think like Phoenix raising from the ashes, only my hand spun and hand knitted blanket was raising above three freshly shorn fleeces, which were covering the floor.

The installation became a methaphore for the revaluing of British Wool as a sustainable material in art, design and craft.

There was a Manx Loughton, a Zwartbless and a Leisterlong Wool and as they were relly fresh, only 3 or 4 weeks of the sheeps back, the smell in the room was very earthy.

In the entrance space I had created a Making Space, visitors were invited totry out carding of fibre and spinning. For me the hand making process , the learning of skills and the joy, that can spring from it, is just as relant to pass on as the knowledge and information about the relevance of local and British Wool.