The Knitting of the Blanket

The Knitting

Once the wool was ready to knit it took another 3 monthe from start to finish . it was really a comfort blanket,which traveled with me just as the fibre and spindles had done before. I enjoyed through my public knitting the conversations andcomments, which inavitably became part of the story. when is was finally fiished and thre last thread was sewn in, there was a rather mixed set of feelings, yes there was relief that it was finished in time and I was exited to see how it would look in the show. And at the same time there was a sense of bereavement, Ihad been engeged in this process for more than a year, it had become part of my everyday life, my focus and then it was gone. It offered me the relevation, that a long time engagement it alters the relationship with the process and the final piece. It becomes ingrained in once life, a sense of prolonged purpose, in a sense I am still unraveling the meaning for me and my parctise.