Meeting Sheep

One of my great pleasures during my research was meeting actual sheep, from my first visit at Bosigran Farm, to meeting Sarah Shuffell, her flock of Leisterlong Wool and Radnor sheep and her introduction to her neighbour Chris Hitchens, a local farmer, who keeps a flock of Zwartbless sheep. through these contacts I was invited to a Shearing in July, a rather exciting event, where I obtained three fleeces!

Also I had now good reasons to visit for the first time Stithians Agriculture show and St. Buryan Rally, a smaller agricultural event, close to Penzance. Here i made contact with the Cornish section of the Rare Breed Survival Trust and meet the rather magnificent Manx Loagthon  sheep, a primitive breed and got my fleece number four! I feel i made good contacts for the future and it has be come more clear to me, that i want to work predomintantly with people who keep Rare Breed Sheep and the Rare Breed Survival Trust, as their work contributed to the securing of a future gene pool and safeguarding biodiversity.


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