The Joy of Stitch

“Time and Stitch” Project – The Documentation

Today I have started to document the “Time and Stitch” Project, the first step is to photograph the Stitch Samplers and then to write down the comments. During the process of photographing, I was reading the comments again. It is rather humbling, how many people wrote very appreciative of enjoying their time with the Stitching, certain phrases/words return time and time again: relaxing, quiet, time on my own, enjoying, not much talent, time flew by, stillness. Some people shared personal references about their chosen motives like traveling, family, children. It is a fascinating insight into how these people perceived the experience of Stitching, given a very contained frame work of a postcard sized piece of hemp linen and a bobbin of embroidery wool. Everyone, so far created their own design, no one resorted to a stitch pattern, which is an interesting aspect in itself.

Stitchsampler I
Stitchsampler II
Stitchsampler II

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