A New Beginning


Today I had my first tutorial with Gillian Wylde, there is so much information to share and getting to know each other.It felt good, because I felt understood

This is the transfer from my mind map, unfortunatly I haven’t found out yet how to copy and past the grapphic as well, oh well, on step at a time!!!

The Beauty ot the Act of Hand Making

I.      The way is the goal, not the destination

A.   Documenting through Still Photography

II.     Zen as a stepping point towards a visual sensibility

A.   The Stillness and Beauty in Japanese Craft

III.    Multi-sensory experience 

A.   Touch of wool, fabric and yarn

B.   Sound> interplay and response in dialogue

C.   Visual

in real time and documentation (Film, Photography)

IV.    sharing of the experience > collaborative and participation

Gillian seemed to understand my multi layered approach:

– working on a real-time piece of embroidery,which will become a “companion” through out the process,

– my wish for collaboration with others through working together with photography and video,

– incorporating interdisciplinary collaboration with musicians

– and a parallel approach which shows solitude and being with other people as in :

> being myself  the antagonist, the person who creates through the retreat in to embroidery a reflective space in a fast, hectic world

> and creating situation in which I wish to share this with other, stitching in a public space and inviting other to share to work and my space for a short moment in time.

Gillian will email me links to artists and events for my conceptual research, she suggestes Ann Hamilton, Tom van Holland, Roni Lee and the “Mending Conference”


Becoming friends with me


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