The Joy of Stitch

Reflection on the Project Day at UCF Falmouth, Woodlane 03.12. 2012

I just want to share how’s it has been today at the college on our Projectday. 
It is a bit like note writing, but with someone listing.
It was good again seeing the clips on the wall, bigger.
My tutor is very supportive; the delicate working of the hands 
and the general minimal approach is one of the major aspects of this new work.S1270017
                                                                             Still from  “Church, Embroidery and Music”
Gillian Wylde suggested to do the shots again, both on tripods,
with out any zooming and using one camera, filming two positions
> one of the “Figur against the window”
the other one concentrating in a close-up of the movement of the hands.
She also acknowledges that the music is an important part of it.
Nigel playing “Spiegel im Spiegel” (Arvo Paert) goes so well with the image,
it makes it into a whole piece, the way it is complementing it.
There is a consideration maybe be in recording the music separately.
 I don’t know at this moment in time, if it will be possible for Nigel to play for me again.
Nigel had said he would like to play or write some music for me.
I would like to go back into the church on the other side of Christmas, 
but I am also thinking if I could have a trial run in my house, 
using the the window on the stairs.  I need a tripod for that.
At the moment I have to think in alternatives. 
Also having to think about  having to approach other musicians.


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