The Joy of Stitch

Thought about Technologie and Hand Stitch

My practice shows me very directly what I am exploring. As I am documenting my activities through video, photography  and explore the link with music I spend time with cameras, video cameras and my laptop.

And very directly I experience how my sense of time alters when involved with technology.: time seems to lapse and leaves me empty and drained. My sense of communication appears to be almost damaged. Also I do achieve to create my wanted documentation, it is an   

often frustrating process, when I forget steps in a process and can’t remember how I did something.

The opposite is the experience when I stitch or knit without documenting it as a parallel process. Then yes , time appears long and flowing with spaces to breathe and I can settle in a feeling of calm.

After some time there is then a gentle comforting feeling, of feeling grounded and content.

My practice shows me my longing. I yearn for the feeling of time I had as child, when an hour felt ever so long.

Stitching with a View
Stitching with a View

DSC00022 DSC00031

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