The Joy of Stitch

And it is growing……

And it is growing....

And it is still rolling!!! More people are joining and I am really excited to see when the Stitch Samplers come back to me and I will see what they all have come up with! 
For those who still thinking of joining, just to say, the ‘Stitch kit’ contains a small piece of fabric (hemp, a bit like natural linen, which comes from Poland and a small bobbin of Appleton Crewel Wool, which is made in England since 1835 and a embroidery needle). 
The fabric is dyed by my friend Lorraine, who makes beautiful clothes out of it (
When you receive your kit, I wish you stitch whatever you like, how much or how little. Every stitch count, every stitch is a shared moment. 
Take it off the card, but please stitch it back on and write on the back you name, how long it took you and , in a nutshell how it was!!
I will keep you posted what will happen next!!!
Happy Stitching xxx

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