The Joy of Stitch

Sea, Wind, Embroidery and Music

Sea, Wind, Embroidery and Music

Stitch and the Elements
Stitch and the Elements

Marazion Beach - close up S1320013

Today was my first outing with my Embroidery into the landscape, out on the rocks, just before Mousehole near Penzance.

It was a new experience for me: to be in the wind, to hear the sea crashing and the gulls crying above;  sitting on the rocks , stitching.

It was cold and windy and at the same time exhilarating; it made me feel very alive and grateful. to be able to live so near to the sea and the elements.

Taking my activity outside into the environment, changes  my awareness of this place, a place close to my home.


The filming requires collaboration, a dialoge with the person behind the camera (Thank you so much Bill!!), it requires communication, taking out of my head thevision of what I am looking for and making another person understood what I want to see in the documentation of myself and the activity of Stitiching/Embroidery.

I enter a process with the person I am working with, there is a give and take, an exchange of ideas.

Music – the music is guitar improvisation by Bill Goodyear (thank you again for your time and input).

It was recorded later in his flat during another filming session.

Bill’s music becomes an audio anchor for my mind, my hands are moving and I am listing, entering a place of calm.

We also recorded a conversation about the experience and the interaction without words influences the music and the stitching.

The experience and the process are opening more questions rather than giving answers and

To put it in a very simple way, I do appreciate this aspect, as it is a “journey” ,  it has a beginning and it will continue.

Again, just a reminder:

The video, the photos and the writing, also the stitched cloth, they  are all a documentation of Time, time spend in a particular way.

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