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This a video on YouTube clip from the Altamira Project by Boris Lebong.

Here is an excerpt from the website : ALTAMIRA – LISTING TO THE WORLD

“Altamira is a sociocultural project I founded in 1998. I have been involved full time with it since then. 

With music as a guideline, ALTAMIRA explores through action and reflection the role of cultural issues in the processes of human development.

We think cultural resources vaporization is a mainspring of social empowerment. Our projects thus lean on the link between the art of music and the weakening art of living together.

With Altamira, we explore the link between culture and society, and how it can be a mainspring of social empowerment. Practically, we make community-based records, we set up pluridisciplinary shows as well as cultural interactions of all sorts : open mics, conferences, screenings, etc… 

Music is the guideline of these projects, but they are first of all human projects based on sharing and creating together”

I found the website, the text, the whole approach and the aims and the video work very inspiring.

P.S. I will try to figure out how to upload the video to the blog!

till then, this is the YouTube link:



  1. What a great project, thank you for sharing this. I hope you won’t mind me pointing out a spelling error: it should be “Listening” in the headline and link to the site. I also can’t find the video link 0 just the Tumblr picture. Could you load that?


    1. Thank you! Sometimes my spelling runs away with me!!!
      Particular in the last week before graduation assessments!
      I couldn’t figure out today, how to upload the video from Boris Belong to my blog,
      but you can find it on YouTube if you put in
      Boris Belong embroidery!
      good night
      Christiane x


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