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Beyond the Toolkit 1

It was a inspiring event and I feel very privileged to have been giving the the opportunity to show and share my work during this symposium.

Co-Creating CARE

Beyond the Toolkit was an Arts & Humanities-funded symposium organised by Falmouth University in collaboration with Arts for Health, Cornwall.  The event was held in Falmouth University’s Academy for Innovation & Research (AIR) building at the Penryn Campus, Cornwall on the 19th and 20th February, 2014.  Here is the introduction to the symposium:

Creative expression can make a powerful contribution to wellbeing and the healing process, and its benefits are recognised as social inclusion, economic growth and health promotion. Attempts to define the success of the mechanisms through which these might occur, however, tend to rely on straightforward models of impact assessment. This has resulted in a standardised ‘toolkit’ approach that may be replicated across differing contexts, art forms and audiences, but which neglects the material and experiential qualities of creative practice.

Beyond the Toolkit explores these benefits with an emphasis on the particularities of crafts practice. It focuses on…

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